google-play Step 1: Make sure your phone is an android based phone e.g. Samsung, Infinix, Huawei etc Step 2: Turn your phone data connection ON from the settings menu by following the steps below:
  1. Tap the Menu key
  2. Tap Settings
  3. In the Wireless & Networks section, tap More...
  4. Tap Mobile Networks and activate the Mobile data by checking the checkbox
Step 3: From your phone, navigate to "Play Store" App and search for MbeguChoice from the search box. To locate the "Play Store App" on your phone: 1)Click the phone menu 2)Swipe the screen and search for "Play Store App" represented by this icon play-store-icon 3)Tap on it Step 4: Click on Install and wait for it to finish downloading and installing MbeguChoice App Step 5: After installing the App turn off the data connection and use MbeguChoice in an offline mode to save on data cost Step 6: To update MbeguChoice database go to MbeguChoice App menu and click on Update Data