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Category:Press Releases21st February 2018

To get best harvest use certified seeds

STAK Executive Officer, Duncan Onduu speaks about the importance of certified seeds among other industry topics. Published on 17th February 2018 by Saturday Nation-Business section-Seeds of Gold

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Category:Press Releases5th July 2017

High Tech Labels come in handy in war on fake seeds

Opinion piece on new seed labels ahead of its launch in October 2017, prepared by Duncan Onduu (STAK) and Nkatha Ngichu (Agri Experience)

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Category:Press Releases1st March 2017

The Tech solutions to end global hunger

MbeguChoice on CNN - among the tech innovations for Food security

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Category:Press Releases18th January 2017

Tech adoption, key to mitigating climate change impacts

Embracing Seed technologies to mitigate against climate change and improve agricultural productivity

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Category:Press Releases18th January 2017

Bett calls for drought, pests’ tolerant seeds

Willy Bett, Ministry of Agriculture CS speaks on Climate change innovations at STAK Congress & Expo 2016

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Category:Press Releases8th September 2016

Firm in new drive to promote right seed choices

Introducing MbeguChoice: A website and app to aid farmers make the right seed choices for their regions

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Category:Press Releases5th September 2016

It is time to let the seed industry grow to enhance food security

Opinion piece by STAK Chairman – James Karanja on Seed industry self regulation

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Category:Press Releases9th August 2016

New app to connect Kenyan farmers with climate-smart seeds

An article featuring the launch of Mbegu Choice app, the only one of its kind in Sub - saharan Africa, June 11th 2015.

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