About STAK

Voicing Interests of the Seed Industry

STAK was formed in the year 1982 under the Societies Act Cap 108 of the laws of Kenya, to represent the interests of the seed sector and to promote the development of formal seed trade. The association operated under on voluntary basis until July 1999 when an independent Secretariat was set up to co-ordinate its activities in serving the interests of members.

We are an association of seed companies registered by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) to produce, process and/or market seed in Kenya as well as organizations who play other supportive roles to agriculture. An independent Secretariat co-ordinates its activities in serving the interests of members.


Championing a Competitive Seed Industry for Food Security


Enable our members to grow their businesses while contributing to national and regional food security through information, food security and service

Core Values

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Mutual Respect

Conducting business with mutual respect for each other and working as a team


Handling with integrity, all information in its custody and maintaining confidentiality as required.


Exercise expertise in handling all matters in a professional and responsive manner.


Passionate in their role to drive the objectives of STAK with commitment at all times.



Registered and accredited companies engaged in Seed Sector in Kenya

We are committed to enhance a vibrant seed sector in Kenya by advocating for the interests of the seed industry players with great passion to conduct business with expertise and integrity.

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